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Buyi Pheel of Kkoolo Talks About His Inspiration For His Kampala Fashion Week Collection

Kkoolo - November 9, 2016 - 0 comments

Article from: Satisfashionug

One of the most unforgettable collections presented at this year’s Kampala Fashion Week last month was from street-wear fashion brand Kkoolo. It was presented on Day 2, just like  all the other emerging brands at the fashion week. The Japanese inspired collection featured sexy kimonos, coats, and jumpsuits all with interesting detail.

We talked to Buyi Phillip, the designer behind the brand, on his inspiration for the collection.

About the brand

Kkoolo is a Lugisu word for ‘crow’. The brand specializes in designing and manufacturing customized street-haute ready to wear clothing for both men and women. Kkoolo’s niche is classic and vintage pieces influenced by different African cultures. The brand also styles and designs costumes for theater, film and drama.

The brand was founded by Buyi Kkoolo Phillip in 2012, hinged on the belief that African culture has been and will always be the world’s future.

Inspiration for the collection 

Borrow borrow never fits was the theme of the collection. We need to learn to embrace who we truly are, we always want to be like them, talk like them and wear like them. This makes us borrow clothes and things that never fit. Personality is really important as you put together what to wear.”

The Japanese Influence
“As Africans, we have a lot in common with the Japanese. I love the dances, the colorful clothes, great Buddha and fighting techniques. The women are also courageous and strong, just like here in Africa. I read about Sakanouye No Tamuramaro and Yasuke. This is where I got my inspiration for using Katana swords and the colorful umbrellas.

Having green matooke prints on the men’s pants and kimonos, and the Nubian baskets called the kuta being used as hats. These look just like kasa hats like Amigasa, Sugegasa, Sandogasa etc.

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