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Buyi Philip a well-known Dancer and Filmmaker started Kkoolo arts projects in 2012.

Kkoolo operates at the intersection of the art projects and economic development. Kkoolo is dedicated to the development of the local job market and youth empowerment through skill development, employment opportunities to the youth using fashion, design and craft.

With her activities, Kkoolo addresses issues in regards to innovation, creativity and inclusiveness. Kkoolo Organizers believe that with Art unemployment can be addressed through gender, innovation and creativity.

Our Team

Buyi Philip

Buyi Philip born in Kampala Uganda, an Ambitious and impeccable fashion designer, dancer and filmmaker.
He founded Kkoolo clothing line in 2012, which specializes in designing and manufacturing customized street Haute ready to wear apparel for both women and men.
The creative style of Kkoolo is to return, rediscover and redefine indigenous culture. Kkoolo has created clothing for Tv/film sets, theater productions, musicians and has showcased at women’s days Italia fashion show 2017, Kampala fashion week 2016, Bayimba cultural festival, Laaba street art festival among others.
Buyi is also currently a costume designer and choreographer at Tabu Flo dance company and event organizer for Batalo East a nonprofit organization that focuses on developing socially conscious young leaders and creative artist.

Nabaggala Lilian Maxmillian

NabaggalaLilian Maxmillian is a Ugandan dance performer, teacher,
choreographer, events host/organiser,  wardrobe stylist and make-up artist. Her specialties are whacking, traditional African dance, Latin dances(L.ASalsa, Samba, Bachata, Rhumba, Chacha, Jive), Afrohouse and contemporary dance.

She is working with Batalo East, a company founded in 2013 aimed at strengthening the traditional and urban arts together by developing youths who have strong roots in their home culture giving them a sense of originality and identity. This is mostly achieved through our monthly activity we  run called Equation that fuses our traditional dance styles with urban dances.

As solo and crew dancer, she has been involved in festivals, dance battles, showcase competitions, concerts, theater productions, community outreaches, exchange programs and dance auditions.  Her hard work,skills,creativity, endurance, consistence and achievements have opened a lot of doors which have gotten her opportunities to perform, teach and compete in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia.
Over the years, Nabaggala Lilian has worked with different dance groups and companies, arts organisations, commercial companies, non-profit organizations, schools, festivals and many other types of organizations. Through social media and other networks her work has been viewed and appreciated by people in different communities and countries around the world.

Muyomba Julius

Muyomba Julius is a fashion designer, a tailor and a Ugandan successful in the fashion industry. His brand ‘MUYOMBA’ specialises in luxury fashion which he has showcased on several fashion shows in Uganda. He also organises tailoring classes to share the experience he has to his community

Muyomba is a self taught fashion designer with a purpose of developing a strong innovative mind that will spark a positive change in my society.

Matovu Hassan

Born in Kampala, Uganda in 1997 March 18th .
Studied up to an advanced level, and started working due to some complications.
Worked in an internet cafe and so, this added more knowledge to his computer and
networking literacy.
Hassan is also an artist working as “Her Sun” . Specialized in drawing all forms of art, and he has
succeeded in drawing portraits of some figures and as well as applying  art in different fields where it’s needed

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